Friday, 26 February 2016

Why we need Image Mechanic  ??

This is a simple image editing tool for Apache open office, which has most of the image processing tools

2)auto contrast,
3)black & white images with manual thresholding,
4)Alpha Blending,
5)Edge Filters :-canny,prewitt,Robert,sobel
6)Smooth Filters

  • Linear Filters :-
  • box,
  • Gaussian,
  • Laplace
  • Non-Linear Filters :-
  • Min,
  • Max,
  • median
7)convert RGB to Gray
8)invert image colours
9)Adjust Brightness
10)flip images (horizontal,vertical)

with ability of plot graphs for each functions.

so students those who are studying image processing can create their reports
with images and their graphs so quickly.
for others, also can get lot of benefits using this extension.

Copyright (c) 2015 [Mohammad Nase
eR,Aslal Sujath,Mohammad Jafran,Sankalpani Sewwandika]

Click this link for Download Image Mechanic extension :

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